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Executive Coaching
Ecological Transformations


"...The clever questioning technique was helpful to open up more every minute.
No cunning theory,
rather from
practice for practice..."


Norbert Gauß

  • Unravel conflicts
  • Develop solution strategies
  • Find alternatives
  • Reduce stress
  • Gain insights
  • Boost potentials
  • Sharpen the view
  • Overcome barriers
  • Discover new perspectives
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Reflect desires


  • Assessment of personal and    professional situation

  • Analysis of relationship to staff-members, colleagues and superiors

  • Strategic succession planning

  • Sparring regarding re-organisations, governance models and decision processes

  • Plausibility check of new strategies and road-maps

  • Tailwind for your next career-step



It is my strong belief, that in front of any important step you need somebody challenging your view. This is crucial in order to mitigate risks and to be prepared for any upcoming contingencies....

Silke Lerche

Silke Lerche Global: Executive Coaching for CEOs

From her own experience Silke Lerche is deeply convinced that managers who are able to reflect themselves are more successful. The ability to realistically assess your own strengths and weaknesses and to rethink your own impact as well as your management behavior is a key success factor in this context. The aim is to remain open to feedback, to identify errors/recognize faults, to draw the right conclusions from it and to avoid repetition.


Silke Lerche Global was founded in 2015 with the two main pillars:

 Personal Coaching for Executives and Interim Management 

Silke Lerche: Executve Coach and Interim Manager in Munich

Silke Lerche
Executive Coach
Change Manager
Climate Protection Manager

Silke Lerche, graduate engineer in Vehicle Technology has a profound professional knowledge in business and in the automotive industry. Before starting her own business as an Executive Coach and Interim Manager she held the position of the Executive Vice President in Global Operations & R&D in a medical device company.

By applying automotive standards she could achieve with her team outstanding results in terms of cost-optimization and quality improvement. Since that powerful experience she is thrilled by the impact turn-around projects may have.

Silke Lerche knows the world of major multinational companies as well as the world of private equity. With great pleasure, she successfully worked as a line manager in various production and quality positions, but is also very versed and enthusiastic in strategic areas.

She knows how to add value by improving processes and developing process models focusing on the core business. She kick started multiple improvement and change projects, initiated processes to define core-competences of RnD and started huge re-design and target costing projects. She executed challenging projects in order to realign and consolidate the foot-print of production facilities and had the opportunity to plan and ramp up new complex production sites. She streamlined organisations and processes in a stringent way and built reliable structures and governance models subsequent to phases of growth.

​Under her leadership, successful sourcing strategies, supplier qualification initiatives and well-planned sourcing in Cost Competitive Countries took place. Compelling logistic concepts fitting to the respective environment were developed under her lead. Last but not least she is a water proven crisis manager.


Silke Lerche experienced the integration of companies after acquisitions on both sides and held key-roles in respective endeavors. She is profoundly experienced in finding synergies and in harmonizing processes. Under her leadership fully integrated and sustainable concepts and structures were developed.


One of Silke Lerche´s particular concerns was staff development and human resources development. For more than 20 years she had been mentoring numerous leaders and had been involved in holistic management selection processes for upper management.


Silke Lerche became a coach because she very much enjoys to get to the bottom of things and to support people in clarification processes. Through her broad expertise, her personal life, combined with keen interest in people and enjoying dialogs, Silke Lerche poses the right question to her counterparts to get to the core of the matter


This dialog, the coaching process, is structured, method based and, even though it is goal-oriented, is unbiased.


Logo_Fernuni Hagen.jpg

Curriculum vitae


1989-1996   Audi Ingolstadt | quality assurance


1997-1998   Audi Ingolstadt | Production/body-shop,

                      Head of Surface Processing


1999-2001   Audi Head of Metrology     


2002             Audi USA Project-leader 


2003-2007   Audi Hungaria / Györ

                      Director Quality Assurance


2008-2010   Volkswagen AG/ Wolfsburg

                      Head of Group

                      Quality Management



2011-2013   Gambro Schweden

                      Executive Vice President

                      Global Operations


since 2014    Freelancer as Coach


2015              Training at Asgodom-Coach Academy,

                       certified Asgodom-Coach

2016              Foundation SILKE LERCHE GLOBAL

                       for Executive Coaching and Change 


2017              Foundation auf LIFE WORK ARTS

since 2018    Enlagement of portfolio: Highly

                       customized trainings for top 


since 2022    Climate Protection Management



Sparring, reflection, plausibility check, assessments, fresh momentum, ... independence and neutrality

Silke Lerche: Executive Coach in Munich
Acceleration in finding solutions...

                     ....unravel conflicts,

develop strategies

find alternatives,

leapfrog obstacles,

discover new perspectives,

reflect options for action,

sharpening the view,

Leverage untapped potential


Silke Lerche Global: Executive Coaching for CEOs
Silke Lerch Global: Support for your clarification process
Gain insights ...
by talking to somebody who knows your professional environment and surrounding. Silke Lerche does not only have her efficient  coaching tools and profound experiences, but she also is a sparring partner who knows what you are talking about. You will find a vis-a-vis who speaks the same language as you do.
Silke Lerche is an empathetic, attentive and careful listener taking great care that you find "your utmost best solution".
In contrast to discussions with peers and/or direct reports, a coaching set up ensures neutrality and independence.

Silke Lerche is working with the method LOKC pursuant Sabine Asgodom. Base requirement is a specific issue, a clear goal and/or a well-defined question. This method stands for "finding a solution in one session". And this is the reason why this method suits so well to TOP executives.

Support for your clarification process...


During the coaching process Silke Lerche provides her full attention and profound experience in order to help her clients to find clarity and solutions.


The base idea of Coaching could be compared to the Socratic Method, the dialectic method of inquiry, which ensures fundamental insights.


A series of questions are posed to help persons to determine their beliefs. 


It goes without saying: Questions will be more to the point the better the questioning person/"Coach" knows the environment of the "coachee".


Besides personal coaching for executives, Silke Lerche offers Interim-Management Services



Silke Lerche´s offer is directed at companies aiming to improve their product quality dramatically and/or to reduce Cost of Goods Sold significantly.


Silke Lerche, graduate engineer in Vehicle Technology has a strong track-record in automotive industry. Before starting her own business as an Executive Coach and Interim Manager she held the position of the Vice Executive President in Global Operations & RnD in a medical device company.


By applying automotive standards she could achieve with her team outstanding results in terms of Cost-optimization and Quality improvements. Since that powerful experience she is thrilled by the impact turn-around projects may have.


But already during her time with Audi and the Volkswagen Group she had the opportunity to steer multiple improvement projects. In her position as the head of Quality Management of the Volkswagen Group she gave strong guidance to the broad Volkswagen supplier base, and worked closely together with the respective Senior Management teams. Where ever a company  had quality problems, she consulted these suppliers with her teams all over the world.

In this phase Silke traveled around the globe and visited numerous plants, which gave her the opportunity to check on site, on the shop-floor, results of multiple activities and efforts, and last but not least "to study" good and best practice. 


Over the years Silke Lerche has been applying her Methodology for Successful Change-Management Projects in various companies willing to improve significantly. The combination of her deep automotive process knowledge, her enthusiasm, her strategic thinking on the one hand and her hands-on approach on the other hand results in her proven path for success. Silke´s conviction is, that there is always a solution. She empowers teams with this spirit and encourages them to think out of the box.

Silke Lerche 1.JPG

Silke is passionate about building sustainable solutions and building ambitious cross functional teams.  She has a strong focus on enabling people to find their skills and to use them in a perfect way.


Companies working with Silke will experience first positive results within a short time after the kick-start of a project. Team members  appreciate the collaboration with their peers, work with much more discipline, rigor and commitement. Silke supports the team in order to detect some low hanging fruits, creates momentum by applying her well-established project tools. She knows how to build project plans, how to establish the team, with its structure and governance model in order to ensure long-term success and performance in execution.

Taking a long-term view and creating sustainable solutions are personal key-values for Silke Lerche. Projects under her lead are a true game-changer. 


Silke is an amazing coach and one of the strongest change drivers I have ever met!

Lina Karlsson, Executive VP, Mölnlycke



Gaining a fresh perspective and sharpening your focus

Are your concepts, strategies, road-maps and turn-around projects... water-proof?

You are in the middle of a major re-organisation, OR you execute a turn-around project, OR you are looking for a good story-line to communicate your concepts and strategies to the board, OR you want to kick-start a comprehensive cost-saving program with full buy-in of your team, OR you want to consolidate your foot-print of your manufacturing facilities and plan to shut down sites. OR you developed a re-structuring plan of your company... you know exactly what you are aiming for, you have your implementation plan ready ... in order to minimize risks you need a plausibility check, you need somebody who is challenging your key-assumptions.

You can learn as you go... but you can take some shortcuts as well …

Staff Members, Team Review and Succession Planning...
You would like to have a close look at your team. You want to scan competences, skills and motivation of your team members. How do they interact with each other? How to overcome potential frictions, bottlenecks and roadblocks in collaboration? You may see the need to improve discipline ... or would like to emphasize team work and reflect the communication flow? You want to implement organisational changes, you are working on cultural change, want to engage the entire team, need to know how much the team buys in. A handful of truly good tools and a neutral view can accelerate a process like this in a perfect way. Another topic may be to develop a good succession planning and to plan all the required activities linked to it. How to ensure a smooth hand-over from one leader to the other? How helpful it is to detect potential problems and to define upfront good counter measures!
In connection to that, you may like to review your own role as well, keen to detect your potential to be more efficient, review your procedures and your governance model. Or you yourselves would like to find solutions in order to improve collaboration with your peer.
Human factor and behaviour - what a wide and interesting field.
Your personal orientation... job... wheel of life...

Do you want to review your personal career? "Did I achieve what I wanted? Do I live up to my full potential? What were my plans and how much of it could I realize? How could I boost my career? Do I actually get adequate compensation? Do I feel successful? Do I live and work according to my values? What about my work-life balance? What about my life partner, family, friendships, health, well-being, fun and leasure?"

Did you ever think of a sabbatical? ... any subliminal thought about a trip around the world?

Or maybe just the opposite? or are truly thrilled about your job but you want to harmonize the demands of job and family.

Looking for new impulses? You want to step back and look at your life so far?

Tale-wind for your next career-step

You want to apply for another job and/or for a higher position. Therefore you would like to reflect your curriculum vitae and your strengths, skills, competences and your key assets. You would like to scan your profile according to the new challenges and requirements.

Or in case you are already appointed, you want to enhance your on-boarding skills and develop in an efficient dialog your personal preparation and training program. You want to reflect previous new starts and learn from your experiences. You know the importance of first impressions of a new boss/colleague and therefore you want to get prepared in a professional way.

"Silke´s toolbox offers great methods in order to energize for the next step and I felt strengthened and anchored"
P. B. senior manager


Silke is an amazing coach and one of the strongest change drivers I have ever met!

Lina Karlsson, Executive VP, Mölnlycke

Silke is a great caoch - straightforward, humorous, sometimes positively painful :-) Excellent questioning technique and above all: Silke has endless experience from her time in management positions in the industry - so she knows what it's all about!

Christian Tarragona

Silke offers personal coaching and mentoring by using her superb experience and great personality!

M. Hüsers

"One of the most important experiences of this Management Trainings Program was to realize presence of some, not so well known, resources available in myself. I experienced how to reach to history of my own positive experiences & to use them to gain more self-confidence and courage to immerse into new, unknown situations."


"I feel really empowered in my leadership function. I learnt how important it is to challenge myself every day in order to find the right path to grow. You succeed to create a very powerful group, able to spread complicity, energy authenticity and a lot of creativity.

You gave me motivation to go on in my new professional challenge; helped me to design my strategy. Great job!"


Voices of 2 Managers in a fully customized Leadership Training Program

I wish you endless field of energy to influence people who look for your great support :)

Warmest greetings! 

Coaching and Mentoring Client - Commercial Vehicle



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