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Sparring, reflection, plausibility check, assessments, fresh momentum, ... independence and neutrality

Silke Lerche: Executive Coach in Munich
Acceleration in finding solutions...

                     ....unravel conflicts,

develop strategies

find alternatives,

leapfrog obstacles,

discover new perspectives,

reflect options for action,

sharpening the view,

Leverage untapped potential


Silke Lerche Global: Executive Coaching for CEOs
Gain insights ...
by talking to somebody who knows your professional environment and surrounding. Silke Lerche does not only have her efficient  coaching tools and profound experiences, but she also is a sparring partner who knows what you are talking about. You will find a vis-a-vis who speaks the same language as you do.
Silke Lerche is an empathetic, attentive and careful listener taking great care that you find "your utmost best solution".
In contrast to discussions with peers and/or direct reports, a coaching set up ensures neutrality and independence.

Silke Lerche is working with the method LOKC pursuant Sabine Asgodom. Base requirement is a specific issue, a clear goal and/or a well-defined question. This method stands for "finding a solution in one session". And this is the reason why this method suits so well to TOP executives.
Silke Lerch Global: Support for your clarification process

Support for your clarification process...


During the coaching process Silke Lerche provides her full attention and profound experience in order to help her clients to find clarity and solutions.


The base idea of Coaching could be compared to the Socratic Method, the dialectic method of inquiry, which ensures fundamental insights.


A series of questions are posed to help persons to determine their beliefs. 


It goes without saying: Questions will be more to the point the better the questioning person/"Coach" knows the environment of the "coachee".

Voice of the customer:

"....through the coaching session and the targeted questioning technique, I gained a profound and

promising roadmap for my marketing project." 

Agnes Kroth

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