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Gaining a fresh perspective and sharpening your focus

Are your concepts, strategies, road-maps and turn-around projects... water-proof?

You are in the middle of a major re-organisation, OR you execute a turn-around project, OR you are looking for a good story-line to communicate your concepts and strategies to the board, OR you want to kick-start a comprehensive cost-saving program with full buy-in of your team, OR you want to consolidate your foot-print of your manufacturing facilities and plan to shut down sites. OR you developed a re-structuring plan of your company... you know exactly what you are aiming for, you have your implementation plan ready ... in order to minimize risks you need a plausibility check, you need somebody who is challenging your key-assumptions.

You can learn as you go... but you can take some shortcuts as well …

Staff Members, Team Review and Succession Planning...
You would like to have a close look at your team. You want to scan competences, skills and motivation of your team members. How do they interact with each other? How to overcome potential frictions, bottlenecks and roadblocks in collaboration? You may see the need to improve discipline ... or would like to emphasize team work and reflect the communication flow? You want to implement organisational changes, you are working on cultural change, want to engage the entire team, need to know how much the team buys in. A handful of truly good tools and a neutral view can accelerate a process like this in a perfect way. Another topic may be to develop a good succession planning and to plan all the required activities linked to it. How to ensure a smooth hand-over from one leader to the other? How helpful it is to detect potential problems and to define upfront good counter measures!
In connection to that, you may like to review your own role as well, keen to detect your potential to be more efficient, review your procedures and your governance model. Or you yourselves would like to find solutions in order to improve collaboration with your peer.
Human factor and behaviour - what a wide and interesting field.
Your personal orientation... job... wheel of life...

Do you want to review your personal career? "Did I achieve what I wanted? Do I live up to my full potential? What were my plans and how much of it could I realize? How could I boost my career? Do I actually get adequate compensation? Do I feel successful? Do I live and work according to my values? What about my work-life balance? What about my life partner, family, friendships, health, well-being, fun and leasure?"

Did you ever think of a sabbatical? ... any subliminal thought about a trip around the world?

Or maybe just the opposite? or are truly thrilled about your job but you want to harmonize the demands of job and family.

Looking for new impulses? You want to step back and look at your life so far?

Tale-wind for your next career-step
You want to apply for another job and/or for a higher position. Therefore you would like to reflect your curriculum vitae and your strengths, skills, competences and your key assets. You would like to scan your profile according to the new challenges and requirements.
Or in case you are already appointed, you want to enhance your on-boarding skills and develop in an efficient dialog your personal preparation and training program. You want to reflect previous new starts and learn from your experiences. You know the importance of first impressions of a new boss/colleague and therefore you want to get prepared in a professional way.
"Silke´s toolbox offers great methods in order to energize for the next step and I felt strengthened and anchored" P. B. senior manager
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