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Silke Lerche Global

Silke Lerche Global was founded in 2015 with the two main pillars:

 Personal Coaching for Executives and Interim Management 

Silke Lerche: Executve Coach and Interim Manager in Munich

Silke Lerche
Executive Coach
Silke Lerche: How to be a good coach

Silke Lerche, 54, graduate engineer in Vehicle Technology has a profound professional knowledge in business and in the automotive industry. Before starting her own business as an Executive Coach and Interim Manager she held the position of the Executive Vice President in Global Operations & R&D in a medical device company.

By applying automotive standards she could achieve with her team outstanding results in terms of cost-optimization and quality improvement. Since that powerful experience she is thrilled by the impact turn-around projects may have.

Silke Lerche knows the world of major multinational companies as well as the world of private equity. With great pleasure, she successfully worked as a line manager in various production and quality positions, but is also very versed and enthusiastic in strategic areas.

She knows how to add value by improving processes and developing process models focusing on the core business. She kick started multiple improvement and change projects, initiated processes to define core-competences of RnD and started huge re-design and target costing projects. She executed challenging projects in order to realign and consolidate the foot-print of production facilities and had the opportunity to plan and ramp up new complex production sites. She streamlined organisations and processes in a stringent way and built reliable structures and governance models subsequent to phases of growth.

​Under her leadership, successful sourcing strategies, supplier qualification initiatives and well-planned sourcing in Cost Competitive Countries took place. Compelling logistic concepts fitting to the respective environment were developed under her lead. Last but not least she is a water proven crisis manager.


Silke Lerche experienced the integration of companies after acquisitions on both sides and held key-roles in respective endeavors. She is profoundly experienced in finding synergies and in harmonizing processes. Under her leadership fully integrated and sustainable concepts and structures were developed.


One of Silke Lerche´s particular concerns was staff development and human resources development. For more than 20 years she had been mentoring numerous leaders and had been involved in holistic management selection processes for upper management.


Silke Lerche became a coach because she very much enjoys to get to the bottom of things and to support people in clarification processes. Through her broad expertise, her personal life, combined with keen interest in people and enjoying dialogs, Silke Lerche poses the right question to her counterparts to get to the core of the matter


This dialog, the coaching process, is structured, method based and, even though it is goal-oriented, is unbiased.


Curriculum vitae


1989-1996   Audi Ingolstadt | quality assurance


1997-1998   Audi Ingolstadt | Production/body-shop,

                      Head of Surface Processing


1999-2001   Audi Head of Metrology     


2002             Audi USA Project-leader 


2003-2007   Audi Hungaria / Györ

                      Director Quality Assurance


2008-2010   Volkswagen AG/ Wolfsburg

                      Head of Group

                      Quality Management



2011-2013   Gambro Schweden

                      Executive Vice President

                      Global Operations


since 2014    Freelancer as Coach


2015              Training at Asgodom-Coach Academy,

                       certified Asgodom-Coach

2016              Foundation SILKE LERCHE GLOBAL

                       for Executive Coaching and Interim 


2017              Foundation auf LIFE WORK ARTS

since 2018    Enlagement of portfolio: Highly

                       customized trainings for top 


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