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Event at Silke Lerche Global: 23rd of November 2018


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4. Deutsch-Arabisches Frauenforum am 25.09.2018 in Berlin

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Im Rahmen des deutsch-arabischen Mentoring-Programms Ouissal engagiert sich Silke Lerche als Mentoring der marokkanischen Unternehmerin Nawal Amini.

Lesen Sie hierzu mehr!

Am 25.09.2018 besucht Silke Lerche das

4. Deutsch-Arabische Frauenforum in Berlin.

LIVE WORK ARTS – these three words express the core idea of my concept of my new office space in Munich-Haidhausen.

LIFE WORK ARTS will offer new opportunities for creative and open exchange, expert meetings, workshops, team-coachings, and conferences of Silke Lerche Global. It will also serve as a forum for regular networking events in the tradition of cultural “salons” as social gatherings. You will experience a varied and ever-changing programme of cultural and aesthetic events.

Gaining a fresh perspective and sharpening one’s focus, is important to me in my work as an executive coach and as an interim manager. Since 2014 I have been working as a sparring partner for top managers, managing directors, and board members. As an interim manager, I have been consulting companies on key turnaround projects and change management processes.

From my personal experience I know that changing perspectives and thinking out-of-the-box can lead to new insights and impulses. As an extension of my existing offices in Munich and in Arles in the south of France, the concept of the new location LIFE WORK ARTS therefore will bring this idea to life.

For the launch, there will be a joint exhibition by four internationally renowned artists, the Swiss/Congolese artist couple Lea Lund & Erik K such as the brothers Ottmar and Bertram Lerche. The visually stunning photographs of Lea Lund & Erik K resonate in an impressing way with the extensively elaborated all-over-paintings of Ottmar Lerche and the connotative and evocative objects of Bertram Lerche. Their art works will go on display in a unique way in five different rooms which the spectator is invited to explore.

Please download brochure for more information


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